Fishing Creels

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Inventory #: 6004

Price: $175.00

Status: available

A wonderful Japanese split wicker and bamboo bait creel with a center hole. This type of creel wo ... Read More

Inventory #: 74

Price: $145.00

Status: available

A unique and beautiful birch bark creel! Very nicely woven birch bark with a secure loop on the b ... Read More

Inventory #: 98

Price: $195.00

Status: available

A very solid English fishing creel with a solid wood composite top, buckstiched along the back. T ... Read More

Inventory #: 99962

Price: $245.00

Status: available

A wonderful metal Kreel Kittop with a solid whole wicker creel. The Kittop has multiple compartme ... Read More

Inventory #: 41

Price: $475.00

Status: available

This is a very rare Kenn's creel from K.G. McKeeman Leather Manufacturing in Portland, Oregon. Th ... Read More

Inventory #: 999295

Price: $60.00

Status: available

This is a great, small Shaker style creel in excellent condition! The creel has a nice painted gr ... Read More

Inventory #: 411

Price: $160.00

Status: available

Made in Japan pre WWII (1930s or earlier), this 12" center hole creel is in outstanding condition ... Read More

Inventory #: 236

Price: $275.00

Status: available

A unique, large, European grapevine creel! This creel is large and solidly made from light brown ... Read More

Inventory #: 264

Price: $95.00

Status: available

Another great Orvis creel! These creels are built so well, an advertising claim was that you coul ... Read More

Inventory #: 367

Price: $100.00

Status: available

A French weave, English grapevine creel with a grapevine latch, wooden bottom, and leather strap. ... Read More

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