Duck Calls

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Inventory #: 1163

Price: $550.00

Status: available

A wonderful four panel checkered call from Remy Yule. Remy learned to carve from her husband Jame ... Read More

Inventory #: 1299

Price: $975.00

Status: available

This is a rare, early TruTone call with dark blue in the lanyard groove The barrel is turned from ... Read More

Inventory #: 4

Price: $700.00

Status: available

A very early Reelfoot style duck call from Charles Perdew, one of the first calls he made. It's s ... Read More

Inventory #: 169

Price: $575.00

Status: available

This is a classic Perdew turned cedar call from Haddon Perdew. Haddon's calls have two metal band ... Read More

Inventory #: 171

Price: $375.00

Status: available

A nice goose call from Ken Martin. The call is turned from walnut and richly lacquered, the stopp ... Read More

Inventory #: 7853

Price: $275.00

Status: available

A Reelfoot style call from Mutone with an adjustable screw to tone the sound.The call is made fro ... Read More

Inventory #: 7854

Price: $50.00

Status: available

This is a great looking call with a nice oiled finish. The call and stopper is in fine condiiton, ... Read More

Inventory #: 1066

Price: $1,275.00

Status: available

This call is very old and probably made in the early 1900s. Some call collectors think Byrnes was ... Read More

Inventory #: 430

Price: $925.00

Status: available

Made in the 1930s by the Larson family, this call has an exceptionally beautiful burled walnut ba ... Read More

Inventory #: 915916

Price: $1,250.00

Status: available

The goose and duck call both have fabulous checkering! Both barrels and stoppers are lavishly car ... Read More

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